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We supply a range of NMR and EMR Tubes manufactured by Norell Inc. (USA) who are a known name for innovation when it comes to NMR Tubes. With our rich experience in supplying specialized lamps to reputed companies for more than 25 years, we also excel in providing NMR & EPR Tubes with other accessories by Norell.

Some of the benefits of selecting NMR Tubes under the brand Norell from us are as follows:

  • NMR tube bottoms are uniformly hemispherical and consistent, thereby minimizing shimming and susceptibility differences among samples.
  • This uniformity extends throughout the wall thickness of the tubes, maximizing the concentricity among tubes and lots. This translates to the more consistent placement of the contained sample volumes in today’s advanced, highly homogeneous, high field NMR magnets.
  • NMR tubes are manufactured with round bottoms and are available with flat bottoms upon request.
  • We also supply all NMR tubes at any length upon request.

We have classified the portfolio of NMR & EPR Tubes supply according to the various purpose.


In case of High-Resolution testing purpose, we supply SelectSeries [TM] from Norell. Advantages of choosing High-Resolution NMR Tubes are as follows:

  • “Select Series” NMR tubes are manufactured out of ASTM Type 1 Class A glass, commonly referred to as Pyrex® 7740 (Corning), Duran® (Schott Glass), or Kimax® KG-33 (Kimble) glass.
  • Properties that make this glass type desirable for NMR are its high degree of thermal shock resistance and low expansion coefficient.
  • This allows for a greater margin of safety from breakage when used in variable temperature applications and freeze/thaw cycling, or under any other application where large temperature variations are required in the experiment.
  • Each NMR tube is checked for concentricity and camber specifications utilizing the latest computer technology.


For the routine purpose, we supply “Standard Series” NMR Tubes manufactured by Norell. Some of the noted features of this series are as follows:

  • “Standard Series” NMR tubes are manufactured out of ASTM Type 1 Class B glass, commonly referred to as N-51A.
  • Highly suited for using this type of glass are routine NMR where samples are run under room temperatures with no thermal gradients.
  • It is therefore not recommended to fuse this glass with standard vacuum manifolds and the like since these are generally made out of Type 1 Class A glass.
  • Each NMR tube is checked for concentricity and camber specifications utilizing the latest computer technology


5mm Suprasil ® Quartz NMR Sample Tubes

Recommended for Boron NMR [< 0.01 ppm Boron] and/or UV catalyzed reactions in the region above 190nm [90%T @ 190nm].

Suprasil® Quartz EPR Sample Tubes

Recommended for UV catalyzed reactions in the region at and above 190nm.

5mm Natural Quartz NMR Sample Tubes

Recommended for Boron NMR [< 0.1 ppm Boron] and/or UV catalyzed reactions in the region above 210nm [90%T @ 210nm]. Available in packs of 5.

Natural Quartz EPR Sample Tubes

We supply Norell EPR tubes that produce lower background signals and have better resistance to breakage than other brands. The special annealing process reduces background noise along with the benefit of protecting against tube breakage.

Valved NMR Tubes for Vacuum & Reduced Pressure

Handle your NMR sample without flame-sealing your tubes. Fluoropolymer covered o-ring eliminates material incompatibilities. Completely greaseless fluoropolymer assembly, which is easy to use and to disassemble for cleaning.


These new NMR sample tube product line from Norell features a glass/ PTFE pressure valve permanently joined to your choice of a wide selection of available NMR sample tubes.

This valve incorporates an advanced seal design that is superior to alternative valves currently available from other manufacturers. A fluoroelastomer o-ring imparts resilience and a high degree of chemical resistance. A PTFE sheath, forming the primary seal, completely covers the fluoroelastomer o-ring, creating the ultimate barrier against aggressive, reactive substances while providing a totally inert surface.


This latest addition, featuring a High-Pressure Valve constructed entirely from glass and fluoropolymer, can be permanently joined to your choice of a wide array of NMR sample tubes.

These pressure tubes facilitate experiments requiring conditions such as pressurized inert atmosphere blanketing, the addition of reactive gaseous reagents under pressure, containment of low boiling solvents or samples at elevated temperatures and so on.

Screw-Cap NMR Sample Tubes

Convenient screw cap access with the security of a fluoropolymer seal. Supplied with open top cap & fluoropolymer/silicone septum for quick and clean access to a 22 gauge standard point needle.

Bruker Microbore NMR Sample Tubes

New ultra-precision NMR tubes for Bruker’s microprobes offer complete reliability and reproducibility over other brands. Features include a tapered lower stem mounted on a high-precision 800 MHz rated 5mm Select Series™ NMR tube that performs perfectly even under severe temperature gradients.

Constricted NMR Sample Tubes

Constricted NMR tubes offer a convenient way to seal your sample from the air or other contaminants. Simply heat the constricted portion using a suitable source, and gently twist and pull on the open end to seal.

Amberized NMR Sample Tubes

Amberized NMR tubes offer photosensitive materials protection from visible and ultraviolet radiation. Typical absorbance (ABS) is between 0.5 and 1.0 (50% to 100%) from 650 to 300 nm and 1.0 (100%) from 300 to 190 nm.

High-Throughput NMR Sample Tubes

Ideal for reducing salt effects when running buffered solutions for bio-samples. Only Norell made Sample Tubes can satisfy the many customer requests for a high-throughput NMR tube that features both high-precision, as required in today’s high-field spectrometers, and economy in price.

Heavy Wall NMR Sample Tubes

Heavy wall (1.4 mm) NMR tubes offer the ultimate protection from breakage, either through rapid changes in temperature or pressure or from mishandling. Recommended for use with hazardous or radioactive samples, where sample containment is critical. Available either constricted and/or amberized.

Medium Wall NMR Sample Tubes

Medium wall (0.8 mm) NMR tubes offer added protection from breakage while keeping 94% of the sample volume. Can be used for student use or in auto-sampling systems. Available either constricted and/or amberized.

Bruker MATCH™ System NMR Sample Tubes

Newly introduced a new line of ultra-precision machined NMR tubes specifically made for the Bruker MATCH™ System. Featured are eight different tube sizes you can choose from, depending on sample volume. For added convenience, we have color-coded caps to match tube sizes.

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