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We supply Process Air Heaters manufactured by Osram Sylvania Inc. (USA) who are known for developing unique & custom products for demanding applications. With our rich experience of over 25 years we have garnered clients across various sectors for Process Air Heaters based in various parts of India. For highly critical conditions we recommend Osram Air Heaters as the air temperatures are controllable to 1652°F / 900°C.

Some of the core products offered for Process Air Heaters



Some of the uses of our process air heaters are:

    • Aerospace:
      • Combustion/flow simulation
    • Packaging:
      • High-speed, poly-coated paperboard sealing
      • High-speed, heat-shrink installations
      • Forming
      • Curing adhesives
      • Sterilizing bottles or cartons
    • Automotive:
      • Hot air bonding of body panels
      • Curing adhesives
      • Vacuum forming
      • Simulation of engine exhaust
      • Fuel cell testing
    • Plastics/Rubber:
      • Salt removal from rubber extrusions
      • Bending and forming of plastics
      • De-flashing of moulded parts
    • Textiles:
      • Welding plastic or vinyl fabrics
      • Heat-treating specialty fabrics
    • Semiconductor and Electronics:
      • Air knife in wave solder machines
      • Soldering/desoldering PC boards, lead frames, capacitors
      • Wafer and PC board drying
      • Heat-shrinking wire insulation
      • Preheating process gases
    • Sterilization:
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Medical/surgical hardware
      • Packaging materials
    • Paper/Printing:
      • Speed drying coated paper
      • Adhesive activation
      • Ink drying

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