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We are in supply of Tungsten Halogen Lamps ranging from 10-100 W manufactured by Heraeus Noblelight GmbH (Germany) & also by Fuji Electric Lamp Industrial Co., Ltd. (Japan). Based on the requirement we understand and supply the best fit of Tungsten Halogen Lamp from our portfolio.

Being in 25 years of business in the supply of specialized lamps from Mumbai, we have garnered reputed clients in the long-run and we supply Tungsten Halogen Lamps across various states of India.

Some of the salient features and advantages of choosing Tungsten Halogen Lamps from us are as follows:

We supply Tungsten Halogen Lamps suited best for your need of right quality

Right quality of Tungsten Halogen Lamps are backed up with excellent Technical Support

Wavelength Range
Although as mentioned before our Halogen Lamps supply ranges from 10-100 W but 315-380 nm is the Wavelength Range.

Non UV blocked Quartz Envelope
Some of the commercial Tungsten Halogen lamps come with UV blocked Quartz that results which is unsuitable for getting accurate results. With Non UV blocked Quartz Envelope the testing results are much accurate.

Supplements Deuterium Lamps
For spectrophotometer related purpose, to get accurate results Tungsten Halogen Lamps can be combined with D2 Lamps.

Filament Positioning
As Heraeus produces small batches of Tungsten Halogen Lamps through specialized hand laying of filament technique, hence be assured accurate filament positioning. According to the requirement of our clients, we understand and can get a custom built Tungsten Halogen Lamp.

Other Benefits

  • Enables maximum light intensity into the acceptance aperture
  • Optimised optical and electrical properties
  • Increased performance and life

Heraeus India: Tungsten Halogen Lamps

Heraeus is a reputed manufacturer of supreme quality Tungsten Halogen Lamps. By choosing us we help you in supplying Heraeus made Tungsten Halogen Lamps can be built for all major OEM customized to specific requirement such as colour temperature, wattage, voltage and mechanical tolerances.

Hence let us know your detailed purpose & requirement & we supply Tungsten Halogen Lamps to fulfill your specific requirement. No pre-selection required.

Heraeus Tungsten Halogen Lamps Catalogue

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