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We provide Sodium Vapour Lamp manufactured by Osram GmbH (Germany). The Spectral Lamps supplied are of screw base and also in pin base. Various Spectral Sources are available and we supply the much high-in demand Sodium Vapour Lamps manufactured by Osram across various states of India.

We also would like to bring to your attention on advantages of Sodium Vapour Lamps manufactured by Osram:

  • Sodium Vapour lamps manufactured by Osram are compatible with all major digital Polarimeters including Jasco, Rudolph, Holmarc etc.
  • Sodium Vapour Lamps by Osram are cost-effective replacement Lamps for digital Polarimeters

Osram GmbH Spectral Lamps

We have supplied Spectral Lamps manufactured by Osram to reputed organisations in Pharmacy Sector, Food Sector and other testing labs.

According to our understanding of your requirement we suggest the best fit of Spectral Lamps from our portfolio.

Applications of Sodium Vapour Lamps

  • Sodium Vapour Lamp produces monochromatic light that are necessary in spectroscopy and other chemical analysis in laboratories.
  • In spectroscopic applications, Sodium Vapour Lamps can be used to set a reference point in spectrometers.
  • Sodium Vapour Lamps’ low wavelength is ideal for testing light sensitive drugs in pharmaceutical industries

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