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We supply Spectrophotometer Cuvette by Starna Scientific who has a reputation for manufacturing quality cuvettes that help in precise measurements during testing. The range of Cuvettes we cover are Rectangular Cells, Cylindrical Cells and Flow Cells under different materials apart from Glass such as Special Optical Glass and Quartz.

As per our client’s requirement Spectroscopy Cuvettes are available in different path lengths.

Some of the advantages and features of Starna Scientific Spectroscopy Cuvettes are as follows:

By choosing Spectroscopy Cuvettes under the brand Starna Scientific you also choose quality, service and innovative range of Spectroscopy Cuvettes.

ISO 9000 & ISO guide 34 Certification
All of the Spectroscopy Cuvettes under the brand Starna Scientific are manufactured at ISO 9000 certified production facilities. Starna Scientific Cuvettes are ISO guide 34 certified which the highest level of accreditation recognized worldwide.

Contamination-free Cuvettes & Guarantee
As stringent cleaning procedure is followed at Starna Scientific’s manufacturing facility, hence the spectroscopy cuvettes supplied are contamination free and with an unconditional guarantee for any faulty cuvettes.

General Specifications
A bird’s eye view to some of the crucial specifications of Spectroscopy Cuvettes by Starna Scientific:

Windows parallel to: better than 3 minutes of arc
Window flatness to: better than 4 Newton fringes
Window polish, standard: 60/40 scratch/dig
Window polish, laser: 20/10 scratch/dig

MaterialPath lengthsTolerance
Glassless than 10mm± 0.02mm
Glass10 to 30mm± 0.1mm
Glass40 to 100mm± 0.2mm
Special Optical Glassup to 20mm± 0.01mm
Special Optical Glass30 to 100mm± 0.02mm
Quartz0.01 to 0.05mm± 0.002mm
Quartz0.1 to 0.4mm± 0.005mm
Quartz0.5 to 30mm± 0.01mm
Quartz40 to 100mm± 0.02mm

Standard window thickness is 1.25mm, polished to better than 4 Newton Fringes per centimeter in the viewing area, typically flat to better than 1 micron (0.001mm) over the window area.

Although cells can be used with most solvents and acidic solutions, fluorinated acids such as Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) in all concentrations should be avoided as they will attack the quartz itself. Strong basic solutions (pH 9.0 and above) will also degrade the surface of the windows and shorten the useful life of the cells.

Flow cells with path lengths of less than 0.5mm are measured by an interference method both before and after final fusing.Calculation of this measurement provides an uncertainty of path length better than 0.2 microns (0.0002mm). Path length certification can be supplied to individual cells for a small additional charge.This should be requested at the time of ordering.

Type of Cuvettes

Rectangular Cuvettes
The most common cuvette in demand for UV/VIS spectroscopy especially the 10mm one.

The available length range is from 1mm to 10mm. At time you may need adaptor for longer path cells.

Cylindrical Cuvettes
For spectrometers where large circular light beam is used we recommend using Cylindrical Cuvettes.

The available length range is from 0.01mm to 100mm.

Flow Cuvettes
For those specific applications where there is specific need of sample volume, flow pattern, pathlength and tubing requirements we offer wide range of flow cells.

To make such selection process simple we offer right advice in selecting Flow Cells.

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