FAQs – Spectral Cuvettes [All you need to know]

Spectral Cuvettes are very vital for spectroscopy study and here we cover most of the questions surrounding Spectral Cuvettes.

We have listed each of the commonly asked questions and given a brief explanation behind it.

What is a Spectral Cuvette & what are its uses?

Cuvette, basically means a small vessel in French and Spectral Cuvettes are small and tube-like transparent container. They come very handy to store samples during spectroscopy experiments and get accurate measurements when a beam of light is passed through.

Which is the leading manufacturer for Spectral Cuvettes?

There are numerous manufacturers who are into supply of Spectral Cuvettes of different specifications but Starna Scientific remains the best among all manufacturers. When it comes to Innovation, contamination free cuvettes with guarantee & certifications then Starna Scientific is the clear winner. With Spectral Cuvettes from Starna Scientific you are guaranteed with accurate results.

What are the different types of material that Spectral Cuvettes are made of?

Under Starna Scientific one has the option to choose from Glass cuvettes, Special Optic Glass Cuvettes and Quartz Cuvettes.

What type of cuvette should be used in UV Range?

To get accurate measures in UV Range it is ideal to use Quartz Cuvette as it doesn’t absorbs the light in UV Range.

What are the different types/shapes of Spectral Cuvettes?

The different types of Spectral Cuvettes are,

  1. Rectangular Cuvette
  2. Cylindrical Cuvette
  3. Flow Cuvette
How to place cuvette in spectrophotometer?

Ideally the Cuvette should be placed with optical window perpendicularly facing the direction of the beam.

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