UV Light Disposal Solutions [The Know How Guide]

UV Lights contain mercury which has considerable harmful effects on the environment. To restrict the various UV lights harmful effects on the environment it becomes essential to dispose them in the right manner.

As an organisation it is essential to handle the disposal of lamps like Deuterium Lamps, Hollow Cathode Lamps, Spectral Lamps and Tungsten Halogen Lamp in the right way. Each lamp has its lifetime and if not disposed the right way there can be many harmful effects of toxic waste.

Toxic poisoning can result from inhalation, ingestion, injection or absorption through the skin. Toxic elements, as a vapor, effects the central nervous system, where it is ionized and trapped, contributing to its extreme toxic effects.

At certain municipalities there are heavy fines for not disposing the UV Lamps in the right way while some municipalities even lack proper guidelines when it comes to UV Lamp disposal. As an organisation it is highly ethical to follow correct disposing procedures to make sure toxic waste environmental effect is restricted. Some of the options that organisations and individuals can follow for correct disposal of UV Lights,

  1. Contact Disposal Agencies
    Many disposal agencies in cities can help from picking-up, packing and correct disposal at nominal prices. One can easily find these specialized disposal agencies who handle toxic waste properly.
  2. Contact Recycling Agencies
    Apart from disposal agencies there recycling agencies who take care of recycling of UV Lamps. One can also check the lamp manufacturer’s website and check recycling agencies that they have tied up with for your area.
  3. Mark the package as Toxic
    Worst case if there are no recycling or disposal agencies in your area, make sure the UV Lamp is properly sealed in its packing and marked as Toxic Waste over it. In such scenario the municipal authorities take care of disposal in the right manner. One can even contact municipal authorities and understand their procedure when it comes to handling of toxic waste and then dispose accordingly.

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