Why use Certified Reference Material? [Your go-to guide]

Certified Reference Materials are limited available material that come-in handy when checking the standards of measurement methods, calibration of instruments and even metrological traceability of products. In short certified reference materials define measuring standards.

Why would you actually need Certified Reference Material for Spectroscopy?

Certified Reference Material are very useful to keep a check on instrument performance & also to ensure operation of the instrument is within acceptable parameters.

When used regularly for checking instrument’s performance a database can be made that has recorded values of operating characteristics of the specific instrument. This database then becomes valuable and can be used for the following purpose:

  • Demonstration of satisfactory instrument performance to any inspection or regulatory agency.
  • Detection of instrument malfunction.
  • Provide data to a service technician allowing detection of instrument faults and assistance in repair.
  • Construction of Process Control Charts

Hence these Certified Reference Materials are like benchmarks with acceptable parameters for the functioning of your instrument.

In choosing Certified Reference Material it is essential to choose the right brand. Hence, we recommend and even supply CRMs from Starna Scientific.

You can download Starna Scientific Catalogue from here.

Here are the essential reasons why we recommend CRMs from Starna Scientific,

  • Starna’s known experience of over 50 years and their reputation for innovation, quality & support
  • The sealed reference cells have the same optical characteristics as cells used in normal analysis thus removing many variables, which might be introduced using any other form of optical configuration or reference preparation.
  • The references have a lifetime guarantee subject to specified conditions and are supplied in suitable storage containers.
  • The glass filters are made to the highest industry standards with raw material of known characteristics.
  • UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited – This level of accreditation assures that the certification of reference materials are of the highest standard and may be used to validate instrument performance in all ISO/IEC 17025 regulated environments.

We at Hiten Techno Products Corporation supply USB Drive with each set contains the calibration certificate and all necessary user information. If needed, Hard copy can also be supplied as per request from our clients.

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