7 Amazing Uses of UV Lamps

UV Lamps have been there for more than a century. Apart from usual lighting applications, these lamps have been used in a variety of utilities that can be accounted as innovative as well. We won’t be surely talking about insect killing lamps that one can find in eateries.

We list some of the uses that we find amazing when it comes to UV Lamps and can come as a surprise to you.


  1. Fake Note Detection

    Shop Establishments nowadays have been relying more on this use of UV Lamps. Some notes have the capability of reflecting patterns under UV Lamp and hence these lights have been used lately to detect fake currencies where cash transaction volume is high.

  2.  Teeth Whitening

    Dentists have been using this application lately a lot for their patients who need a quick solution for teeth whitening. Celebrities around the world have been a fan of this application of UV Lamps. Due to change in lifestyle and less attention towards dental health, this application of quick whitening of the tooth has been one of the innovative application.

  3.  Sterilising of Hospital Equipments

    Hospitals use the germicidal application of UV Lamps to clean & sterilise the equipment that is extensively used in operation theatres. Even operation theatres get sterilised using UV Lamps to kill all the harmful bacterias that could be of concern to the patients getting operated.

  4.  Curing Vitamin D Deficiency

    This is a debatable application of UV Lamp. Skin disorders get treated with UV Lamp application to accelerate the Vitamin D produced in the human body. Somehow Skin Experts have voiced their opinion saying this application should only be used for a short term.

  5.  Food Sterilisation

    Food companies use the sterilisation application of UV lamps to increase shelf life and keep nutritional value intact.

  6.  Laboratory Testing

    Reflective nature of UV Lamps has been used extensively in laboratories to get the actual composition of substances. There are various UV lights that operate on various temperatures, frequency & ease of use. We at HTPC excel in giving reliable UV Lamps to laboratories with exceptional service. Visit our product page to know the various type of UV Lamps we supply for laboratory testing.

  7. Quick Drying of Paints/Inks

    In factories where quick drying of paints/inks/coatings is need of the hour without damaging the layer; UV Lamps have been a saviour. Leading UV Lamp manufacturers have now started supplying lamps for this application lately.



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